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Q: Does DragonHeart for OP7 work in SDCARDFS roms ?

A: At the date of writing this post (05/10/2021), DragonHeart does not support SDCARDFS roms as due to some weird issue, it does not boot on most SDCARDFS roms.

Q: Does DragonHeart for OP7 boot in OxygenOS ?

A: At the date of writing this post (05/10/2021), It boots on OxygenOS for OP7 series but not on OxygenOS for OP7T series.

Q: What is DragonHeart for OP7 focused on ?

A: It is focused on being balancing the tip between battery and performance.

Q: The nethunter kernel does not boot on OOS, what should I do ?

A: OOS is not supported for any of my nethunter kernels for OP7 as, it is never recommended to use nethunter on any OEM-made ROM.

Q: Why do I get error xyz when building your kernel ?

A: If the kernel you’re using is of my own bringup, I tend to use only EvaGCC with it. Optimizations are hardcoded hence the kernel can only be built with EvaGCC.

Q: Why does your kernel have xyz problems ?

A: Post a detailed log of the mentioned issue in here if the kernel is branded as neternels or here if the kernel is branded as dragonheart.

Q: Can you add xyz feature in your kernel ?

A: Yesn’t. It pretty much depends on what the feature is. If its to help you do some shitty-ass stuff like spectrum, 69fps pubg, then the answer is NO.

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