I’m knight, a 20 year old, you may know me as cyberknight777 on most social media platforms.

I primarly do android kernel development(not a pro). In my opinion, a kernel is like a baby, where you gotta set a pathway for the child’s life and how to bring it up in the world. Same concept applies here. You choose what you want for your kernel which makes it stable and mature. I learn something new when I try some experimental stuff.

I often do AOSP device development(kind of an amateur). I do it so I do not have to depend on others to run a custom ROM on my devices.

I’m a Linux enthusiast. I use a GNU+Linux distribution called Arch Linux. Yeah no, I’m not an arch fanboi, I just love using the distro as it fits my needs. I also use a window manager called i3 instead of using a desktop environment(been using i3 for about 3 now, ain’t gonna change anytime soon).

I can code in Rust, write bash scripts, write some amount of C/C++, VB.net and atm learning nim when I can.

I use GNU Emacs as my main editor. I also use it for various other reasons as its very extensive(I also use vim in emacs at times & my default editor for git commits is vim). I won’t hate you if you’re a vim user btw. I don’t use telega or eaf for that matter because nothing can really behave as stable(yet bloated) as a standard browser like firefox or even a standard telegram client like telegram-desktop.

I use github for my android kernel development stuff while I use gitlab for my personal projects(more on that later). The reason I chose to use gitlab for my personal projects is because github enforced DMCA too much(not to say gitlab doesn’t enforce DMCA but they’re not as strict as github).

I’m a friendly guy once you get to know me. I follow by this simple principle: I’m nice to those who are nice to me.

If you’re on telegram, I’m sure you will see me almost always online on telegram. Some may even think I don’t sleep at all. The truth is, I sleep when everyone is in deep sleep. Plus I don’t close my telegram client because I do stuff and at times I switch to telegram to check messages.

I was using a OnePlus 7T Pro (hotdog) as my main phone but I traded it for a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition (hotdogg). I also own the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (sunny) and Redmi Note 9 (merlin).

I’m PM friendly on any platform unless if you’re gonna ask skid questions or gonna spam my inbox with logs. If you have any important queries to ask me, feel free to read my FAQ & join my telegram chat instead of just sending a hi.

Some of the stuff I’ve done lately(projects/teams/contributions):

  • Founder of NetErnels, A team to build nethunterized kernels for devices out there in the world.

  • Developer of knight-bot, A telegram bot written in rust with teloxide framework.

  • Developer of ThunderStrike-FrameWork (unreleased), A framework intended to facilitate penetration testers with modules ranging from recon to actual pentesting.

  • Developer of DragonHeart, An android linux kernel for the OnePlus 7 series devices.

  • Developer of osfetch-rs, A fetch utility written in rust.

  • Developer of SpamProtection-rs, A rust wrapper for SpamProtection API.

  • Contributed in Pentesting-Framework, A bundle of penetration testing tools.

  • Contributed in rxfetch, A fetch utility written in bash.

  • Contributed in PWN-Term, A neoterm fork based on termux packages with bleeding edge support.

  • A maintainer in PixelOS - an AOSP fork aiming to provide a Pixel-like feel for the hotdog and hotdogg.

  • A maintainer in YAAP - an AOSP fork whose main priority is code quality and usability for the sunny.

  • A maintainer in Paranoid Android - probably the best CAF/CLO based custom ROM for the hotdogg and sunny.

  • and many more where you can check in my git(hub/lab) repositories and you can see the progress of whatever I do in my telegram channel.

Atm, I’m working on NetErnels, DragonHeart, this site, finishing up college assignments and enjoying along the way.